UX leadership / Product design innovation / Digital transformation

Joe Pemberton, User Experience Leader

My education in graphic design, background in branding, and years designing native mobile apps, and responsive web experiences prepared me to lead design teams to successful digital outcomes.

I’ve successfully built interaction design models, conducted user research, intercept surveys, card sort exercises, user intercept surveys, and supported analysts’ A/B testing programs. I’ve taken those insights and turned them into successful user experiences.

I’ve helped startups define, test, and ship their MVP. I’ve helped brands adapt to ever changing social networks. I’ve consulted to adapt digital services such as media apps to native apps to responsive web experiences.

From 2013 to 2018 I led the creation of an enterprise-scale design system for a non-profit that serves an audience of 16 million users in 100+ countries. The design system consists of cross-platform UX principles for responsive web and native app experiences. The design system incorporates accessibility best-practices, and a pattern library that supports

In 2003 I co-founded a mobile and device UI agency called Punchcut. Before that I was a Creative Director at Razorfish focused on consumer user experiences. Along the way I collaborated on Typophile.com for many years, spoke about user experience, design, typography, and advertising at numerous conferences. Occasionally I write about user experience. 18 years ago I designed the award-winning JetBlue identity that is as timeless today as I hoped it would be all those years ago.

How can I help with the direction of your digital brand? 

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